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Proud Member: International Detailing Association

International Detailing Association


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Just like good and bad restaurants, or good and bad anything, auto detailers are no exception. When you find a good one, you should stick with ’em. There is however one exception… Knowing how to apply the correct ceramic coatings for cars, boats, RVs, or aircraft is not something every detailer is good at, or even knowledgeable about. We’ve assembled a nationwide network of Top-Rated installers to save you time in your search, money from your purse/wallet, and to get your vehicle looking amazing. You can get up to a 7-year warranty and even transfer it should you sell your car!

Proud Member: International Detailing Association
International Detailing Association

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Ceramic Coatings

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What Customers Say…

Alice McGregorFebruary 10, 2022

I was planning on selling my truck and thought a ceramic coating would make it look better. Well, it looked so good I decided to keep it! LOL, I even got an offer for more than I expected and I like that I can transfer the warranty to someone too. Very happy and it looks like new again!

Peter WolcottMarch 3, 2022

After waxing and polishing my own car for years, I heard about ceramic coatings from a friend who did his classic Mustang. I always thought he just kept putting wax on it, but when I learned about ceramic coatings I now have a lot more time to play my guitar. You will love the shiny finish and warranty too!

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    Your mechanic keeps your car running, we protect the paint and make it look good going down the road.
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    Proud Member: International Detailing Association
    International Detailing Association


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