How To Maintain Your Ceramic Coating

maintenance ceramic coating

First, a Word About Why Ceramic Coatings?

If you want your car to look sleek and shiny long after you get it covered with ceramic coating, then here are some tips for maintaining that super-duper shine! But first, a reminder of WHY you should get a ceramic coating on your car. These coatings can be applied in any color or style that matches other modifications on an individual’s vehicle such as custom rims and hubcaps! Not only does this finish add class but also provides protection against scuffs from daily driving which lasts for years before needing another repair due to its high-quality material nano-construction.

The many benefits associated with these types of finishes include making it easier than ever before possible to remove grime build-up while keeping dust away so cleaning needs minimal maintenance at best; Plus we all know how hard maintaining our cars might sometimes seem – let alone when they’re covered by dirt everywhere.

The ceramic coating on your car is like a valuable asset that you want to protect. One way of doing so, and getting the most from it too? Make sure there’s some glossiness going on! If not for its own sake at least in part because this type-of paint treatment will look better with any light reflecting off them—which means everyone can notice how nice their ride really does shine when they see yours from afar or next door over (yes even though we know what color both cars are).

So, How Do You Maintain Ceramic Coatings?

In order to prolong the life of your vehicle detailing and ceramic coating, you have to take care of it and practice proper maintenance. If you want to keep your ceramic coating in pristine condition, we recommend that you hand wash it occasionally instead of using an automatic washer or self-cleaning function on the vehicle. The professionals within our detailer network have the knowledge of how to avoid damage done by contaminants while removing all particles without reducing their ceramic coating shine originally applied to your vehicle.

Maintenance boosters are very highly-concentrated versions of the ceramic coating’s formula that fill in any minor imperfections, and surface scratches and erase the damages we mentioned above. This only needs to be done about every three to four months or so. But when you order a ceramic coating service your local tech will provide you with a more detailed maintenance plan specific to your vehicle. Call 844-524-2300 to get a FREE QUOTE for the ultimate protection for your vehicle.