Warranty Info

Warranty Info

If you like looking at a very glossy car…then your warranty will give you some great peace of mind after the fact!

Full-Package Car Care

If you’re not living in the 50’s, it is actually quite hard to find a car wash nowadays that offers it all. Our full-package servicing ranges from body wash & waxing to rims, tires, interior and more!


Ceramic coatings are second to none. That’s why once the interior or exterior of your vehicle is coated, your warranty will be activated on CARFAX with factual coverage!

You're Covered

Extensive exterior and interior coverage. Eligibility requirements must be met for warranty coverage to apply. Take a look at the full warranty here.

Fair Pricing Policy

Throughout all our business operation, we’ve always help our network of dealers to a Fair Pricing policy which simply put means: We’re not afraid to see you again so you get great value + pricing guaranteed!


Your mechanic keeps your car running, we protect the paint and make it look good going down the road.