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Ceramic Coatings, Yeah Great Idea!

Ceramic coatings are a revolutionary generation of high-end, durable material that can be applied to any surface without sacrificing its originality. Unlike traditional wax coatings which are made mainly of polymers and resin; Ceramics use silicon dioxide (SiO2) based on sand or quartz crystals combined with other ingredients such as titanium dioxide for color pigments so it can create an invisible “nanotechnology” glossy layer when cured atop your desired application location – giving it added protection against scratches!It is much more than just protecting surfaces though: These clever little molecules have been proven time after again by scientists around the world because they’re able not only to protect but enhance whatever it touches, including painted surfaces, leather, glass, and much more!

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Hydrophobic vs Hydrophilic

Hydrophobic means: The term comes from two words meaning water and fear. When water comes in contact with a hydrophobic surface, it beads up and rolls off much like a leaf with hydrophobic properties. You would see water just pouring from the leaves without actually getting wet. Hydrophilic means: Naturally, it would be the exact opposite of the above. Think of your shirt getting wet. It would most likely darken up, absorb the water and get heavy and wet! For example, a very hydrophilic material is a sponge. Water would pour over it and it would just soak it up instantly. Making your windshield hydrophobic not only makes water repel, but it adds a layer of protection to chipping in much the same way ceramic coating also protects the paint on your vehicle. It’s a super layer of protection so be sure to get a windshield coating with any package.
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