Ceramic For Boats

Ceramic For Boats

Once applied and completely cured, ceramic coating has a measured hardness above a 9H. Factory OEM clear coat on boats has hardness between 2H and 4H. So why put ceramic coating on your boat?

Protects Your Investment

  • If you sell your boat with a ceramic coating, it presents better to the potential buyer, can be reported in your maintenance history, and includes a transferrable warranty. The cost easily justifies the means.

Always Looks Glossy Wet

  • Been to a boat show and noticed how you can see your reflection so clearly in the paint? The paint maybe good, but it’s the clear top-coating that gives it the mirror-like reflection most compare to wet paint that really wows people. Get the same wet shine look with a ceramic coating service for your boat.

Less Money To Maintain

  • Imagine making the need to wax your boat a thing of the past. Imagine dust, bird-droppings, water marks being unable to stick to your paint, glass, or canvas. You will not have to wash your boat as often and applying wax every couple months will be a thing of the past!
ceramic coating boats
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Does your boat always have that shady dust all over its body?  You should see how a ceramic coating will prevent even dust from sticking to your boat. Imagine your boat looking clean, shiny with that wet paint gloss all the time!

What Our Clients Are Saying

Alice McGregorFebruary 10, 2022

I was planning on selling my car and thought a ceramic coating would make it look better. Well, it looked so good I decided to keep it! LOL, I even got an offer for more than I expected and I like that I can transfer the warranty to someone too. Very happy and it looks like new again!

Peter WolcottMarch 3, 2022

After waxing and polishing my own car for years, I heard about ceramic coatings from a friend who did his classic Mustang. I always thought he just kept putting wax on it, but when I learned about ceramic coatings I now have a lot more time to play my guitar. You will love the shiny finish and warranty too!

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Your mechanic keeps your boat running, we protect the paint and finish and make it look good going across the water.